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Cross-Straits Students to Compete in e-Commerce Sector

Cross-Straits Students to Compete in e-Commerce Sector

Write: Morrison [2011-05-20]

Cross-Straits Students to Compete in e-Commerce Sector

The launching ceremony of a cross-Straits e-commerce competition is held Thursday, March 24, 2011 in Beijing. [Photo: CRIENGLISH.com/ Liu Donghui]

College students on the Chinese mainland will have a chance to compete with their Taiwan fellows in the e-commerce sector, as a cross-Straits competition was launched Thursday in Beijing.

The event, an extension of a match which previously only targeted mainland students on e-business applications, aims to boost the communication of students, colleges, and Internet businesses across the Taiwan Straits.

Since 2007, three e-commerce matches have attracted several hundred thousand students from more than 2,000 colleges.

Long Mingbiao, assistant director of Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, said this is the first time for the two sides to jointly attend such an event. It provides an opportunity for young people to know each other better, said Long.

Participating students will face challenges of running a real business, either traditional or Internet enterprise. During the match, they need to present solutions and put them into practice through the Internet.

Contestants are encouraged to choose some projects which are favorable to promoting cross-Straits culture, such as history, folk-customs, cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism, said Gao Xinmin, vice president of the Internet Society of China.

Jointly held by the Internet Society of China and www.chinataiwan.org, the event gets support from some leading e-commerce sites, including Taobao.com and vancl.com, which share their valuable experiences with students and provide them with intern opportunities.

The event final is due on September 20 this year.

by Liu Donghui

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