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"Golden head" of the Manchurian women

"Golden head" of the Manchurian women

Write: Shakira [2011-05-30]

Manchu hairstyle and headwear are unique, especially Manchu females' headwear. It is elegant and magnificent, natural and graceful. 

Before a Manchu woman grows up, she wears a single pigtail hanging behind; at the end of the pigtail is wound with a red cord, the front hair is cut into a bang, and often a bead made of gold or silver or jewelry is fastened on the tip of the pigtail, which is swinging with the wind, to show a sense of beauty. 

Manchu women like fresh flowers, and often put a Yahuazan (flower-pressing hairpin) or Zhuhuazan (flower-bead hairpin) made of gold, silver or emerald, in their hair. Manchu women have always valued hairstyle and headwear, and never done foot binding, thus renowned for "golden head and heavenly feet".