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The museum of folk custom of Shaowu travels Nan Ping of China

The museum of folk custom of Shaowu travels Nan Ping of China

Write: Mordecai [2011-05-23]
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The museum of folk custom of Shaowu travels  Nan Ping of China


In a good lane of the midsection of Wusi Road of Shaowu, stands side by side two well preserved ancient local-style dwelling houses, one hit the book mansion in the Ming Dynasty, one was the local-style dwelling houses in Qing Dynasty. First professional museum in order to exhibit the local folk custom of Fujian -The hall of folk custom of Shaowu is set up among them.
Shao Wu is the historical cultural city, in long historical development, have created glorious and magnificent material progress and spiritual civilization -Generous culture and custom tradition. Shao Wu, in order to help people to be familiar with, study folk traditional culture, has carried forward national culture and built hall of this folk custom. The whole hall covers an area of more than 2,000 square meters, divide the exhibition room of five drawing room the third floor 36. Display marriage customs separately in the room, old age vulgar producing apparatusing, folk art, social culture, the intersection of section and the intersection of custom,etc. and more than 2000 historical relics by dress, life, have reproduced the inherent traditional life culture in Shaowu area of Ming and Qing Dynasties in the centre, the waxen image of personage in 35 Ming and Qing Dynastieses has been displayed inside at the same time, represented the production life scene at that time ocularly.
Have shown the extremely abundant folk art of Shaowu in the drawing room of folk art. Folk songs of Shaowu are in large quantity, materials of folk music of Shaowu have collected several dozen representative folk songs. So county, the workshop, Gui Lin villages and towns spread one characterized the intersection of blow and the intersection of music and 18 times, namely is used both hands and feet by a person, attack musical instruments such as the drum, gong, cymbal,etc. rhythmically, can one people solo,can also many people tutti. It is performed during the Spring Festival holidays and temple fair that many. The drama has triangular play, Nuo dance, marionette, palmar puppet. Three jiao play with, praised as the China local drama in the intersection of China and more than 360 local types of drama A flower ; The Nuo dance is praised as the traditional folk dance The living fossil . Paper-cut prevail very much too in Wu Shao, people manage a wedding paper-cut of can celebrate the New Year sectioning, it is joyous to set off, the paper-cut works in the exhibition hall, the cutting and slicing skill is consummate, the pattern is exquisite.
Hang up lanterns and coloured festoons in the drawing room of marriage customs, is holding an old wedding ceremoniously. Like, put one the intersection of workmanship and big bridal sedan chair exquisite by the intersection of hall and central authorities, hang agent Song study master Zhu Xi personal letter loyalty and filial keep house far at the post, the conduction in society of the Book of Sangs and the Book of History is long Couplet written on scrolls. The wood carving one Blower & drummer If you can t wear by happiness, last song,bring gift here Xi He of relatives and friends. Exquisite bridal sedan chair, sunshade, one hundred sub light, gift take on arrange among them. bridal chamber China, wear newly-married and happy and shy bride and radiant with happiness bridegroom, snuggle up to in the one s own bridal chamber together. The bridegroom s parents saw their affectionate appearance aside, has shown magnificent smiling at Ye.
What showed is in the vulgar drawing room of old age, while two old men are making arrangements of son s marriage wedding, snatch a moment s leisure from a busy schedule, is conferring matter of fundamental importance of managing a household silently Scene. In addition swing articles and the elderly which is put the elderly and pass the articles on Double Ninth Festival. Have shown a large number of various clothes, shoes, coronet that ordinary people wore of Ming and Qing Dynasties in the drawing room of the dress, work exquisitely, American logical sequence beautiful Huan.
Have shown life of people in ancient times in considerable quantities, implements that production uses in life, production drawing room, fire cage that stone mortar, rain cape made of straw or palm bark against rain, iron used for turning up the soil plow, get warm as the glutinous rice cake uses, enshrining and worshipping and using the shrine for idols or ancestral tablets Implements these from folk to collect, many implements have ancient to know for centuries already .
In social cultural department, exhibition introduces the materials of the talents of Shaowu. The ancient talents in Shaowu come forth in large number, repair historical book and local chronicle to record, since opening the department and choosing scholars as officials according to the officer, the successful candidate of imperial examinations is up to more than 2200 people, imperial examinations doctorate, there are 145 people, 3 people in Yuan Dynasty, 87 people in the Ming and Qing Dynasties in Song Dynasty. Famous politician, writer, poet, 342 persons of scientific family livehood, among them the famous official mainly have a yellow and high and steep assistant minister of the Ministry of worker in the Later Tang Dynasty in successive dynasties, famous prime minister Li Gang in Song Dynasty, Huang Zhong, Du Gao, minister of the Ministry of War in feudal China,etc.. Famous scholar, artist have Yu, ChongShu, Ren, Can, Shan, Huang town become, BoDa, Yan ChongRu ShangGuan,etc. Yan Yan Yan Wu Yan. In addition, Shao Wu is being prosperous for Mazu s culture. Mazu s culture is introduced to Shaowu in the Yongle Year of Ming Dynasty, comes from Zhen He s travelling to the West and transferring Shaowu to defend camp officers and men 3000 to escort, the spirit of enshrining and worshipping Mazu of boat is sheltered, must avoid the disaster, after Shao Wu s officers and men return to the township, defending and building Tianhou Palace by the camp, hold a memorial ceremony for on the second of spring and autumn. Because Mazu is a patron saint in the water areas, so the rich every ferry of Tunxi and setting up the temple to enshrine and worship along the side of a ship of river.
Shaowu the intersection of festival and custom whom drawing room show the intersection of section and its implements that custom spend. The Shaowu festival custom is gorgeous, show unique characteristics. If the leaving of the seventh day of the seventh lunar month Three bridges ,This daybreak on day, hundreds and thousands of men and women, old and young, taking the fragrant candle, fruit leaves in parents bridge to the celery field of the outskirts first ,And then go to the south of the city to leave Couple s bridge ,Reach the east of the city finally Descendants bridge ,Walk each time one bridge must burn joss sticks some candle in order to bless, go to door, the old and the young are safe. The Spring Festival such as one that exhibit herein, the Lantern Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, in yuan, please spill, mourning hall, have reflected the custom picture of Shaowu of period of Ming and Qing. Walk inside, just as reading Shao Wu s folk custom history.