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Travel in the paradise in Millennium Jinan of China

Travel in the paradise in Millennium Jinan of China

Write: Paz [2011-05-23]

Travel in the paradise in Millennium  Jinan of China


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Jinan goes through the paradise is located in famous Simen Tower and wild animal world of Jinan in Millennium of urban area. She leans against the green hill, holds green water in the arms, the air empties worries, the climate is pleasant, it is visitors that are on intimate terms naturally, good destination of recreation and spending holidays. Regard seeking simplicity, advocating naturally as and set up the aim of the garden in the paradise in Millennium, regard real mountain real water and rural scenery as the basic characteristic, various item of recreation ask interesting strive to be wild, ask happy in being dangerous, ask bad smell in the soil, have limitless fun have abundant real cultural intension. Folk custom garden: Made up of folk art workshop and rural natural landscape. The thatched shed, wattled wall, township ask path, beans canopy melon shelf, farmland, winch, rubing, animal-drawn seed plough etc. to build out a simple and honest rural natural landscape for people.
You can view and admire manufacturing the course and exquisite folk work of art of carved porcelain, wood carving, paper-cut, kite, Lu Jin in a each folk handicraft workshop, can experience, spin fun that weave cotton cloth, can buy, go home ornamental to beautify life of you by any work of art. You can taste and cut cake, edible wild herbs porridge, fish one pot of pancakes, steamed bread of corn, edible wild herbs cold and dressed with sauce, fried edible wild herbs in the snack workshop, wild game, local chicken, hand roll folk snack such as the surface and various edible wild herbs boiled meat dumpling.