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Reach the ancient town scenic spot of urban area of slope and travel Urumchi of China

Reach the ancient town scenic spot of urban area of slope and travel Urumchi of China

Write: Mollie [2011-05-23]
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Reach the ancient town scenic spot of urban area of slope and travel  Urumchi of China


It reach slope city ancient city according to state pictures west through plain boiled water ravine dish,right be said that circle of river county will flash, all are luxuriant with the west to the place moon to the Northwest, the aquatic weed of foot, the open car and horse . So call this one the plain boiled water ravine, this city is the plain boiled water town. One reached the travel scenic spot of slope city to build up in Urumchi openly in the ancient town of the style of the Western Regions in the Tang Dynasty.
It builds on a bulk iron oxide black rock. The city wall fetches the local rubble, insert the rammer of sand and soil to build. Walk with mountain rock, pace off peripheral the intersection of girth and nearly 300 its, rammer layer thick 10 25 centimetres, the best preserved location, the wall is more than 5 meters high. This city grips plain boiled water ravine a gorge with famous Silk Road to build in accordance with the mountain lie. Have if one man guards the pass, ten thousand are unable to get through Its risk. Just collect the place garrisoned from ancient times. Nearly built 1600 years ago.
The scenic spot covers an area of 750 mu, there is Damien in site of ancient city of slope cities inside to reach the ancient city of slope city , Wang Luobin s odeum, the strange stone hall, the Research Institute of Literature and History, the shop of car and horse Beautiful here to reach the girl of slope city just before eyes, the small town of her life is here, the artisan jingles busily, the whinny of horse s donkey, the retailer shouts, that captivating meat-roasting, yoghurt of the drifting fragrance Small town so prosperous on the honest silk, until Cen join in the poem saying: the distant over moraine of countless rings tones, should carry on the back and practise getting to Anxi in vain . Assign to in the city and two districts outside the city. Consist of folk custom exhibition hall, tea house, stable, national hand craft workshop and odeum of Wang Luobin who represents the folk art rarity which reflects the conditions and customs of the Western Regions in the city.
Reach the intersection of slope and the intersection of city and ancient the intersection of town and the intersection of travel and scenic spot, lie, up to the intersection of slope and the intersection of white poplar and the intersection of river and the intersection of gorge and mouth of place 3 kilometers east of the cities and towns. It is called that this gorge is ancient The plain boiled water ravine is said ,Ancient the intersection of Silk Road and new the intersection of north and throat communications centre of dish, it is traffic main artery leading to South and North Sinkiang and China of Xinjiang now.
Why weigh Damien in the slope city without calling the plain boiled water town now? The name to get up in order to need garrisoning in military affairs the Tang Dynasty, awkward-sounding to remember while being difficult, it is difficult to be understood that spreads by the local. Local resident spread to the place a name is year while being oral Reaches the slope city . People have forgotten this military name gradually slowly, spread reaching the slope city but far well-knowner and far well-knowner of year orally, one of Wang Luobin s Reach the girls of the slope city Furthermore make it world-famous.