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Sanya Hainan Sanya of China

Sanya Hainan Sanya of China

Write: Annan [2011-05-23]
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Sanya  Hainan Sanya of China

Sanya city is located China Hainan Province Hainan Island) Southernmost. Here like summer, one may well say, see frost and snow winter, flower often in full bloom four seasons four seasons, have Eastern Hawaii It claims. This should plant climate most recreation and spending holidays of the travel.

The area of the whole city is 1919.6 sq. km., 209.1 kilometers of domestic coastlines, there are 19 harbours. There are harbour, harbour, south mountain harbour, iron stove harbour, six harbours of elm forest of Sanya,etc. at the main port. There is Sanya gulf, Chinese flowering crabapple gulf, Yalong bay, precipice state gulf, large east bay, the moon gulf,etc.

in the main bay. There are 40 all kinds of islands, 10 main islands, it is west island, the Wuzhizhou Islands that the area is larger.

Sanya is ancient to call the precipice state, history is long, of long standing and well established. Sanya start to write or draw 10,000 years before the hole there is a human activitying according to research; Still find ancient Persian people s tombs in the region following the line of the sea. Three the intersection of prefecture and precipice state one of them like the prefecture as far back as set up the South Qin Shihuang period.

Because it is far away from emperor s Beijing, the orphan hangs it abroad, been known as all the time since ancient times The ends of the earth . Famous the intersection of monk and Jianzhen, famous prime minister Zhao wait to successively come to the precipice state by pot and Huang Dapo, house of textile, Song Dynasty, there are statues in order to show and commemorate in the relevant beauty spot now.

Sanya is the place where more than 20 nationalities such as Chinese, Li, Miao, Hui live in concentrated communities. Total population 456,000 in the whole city (urban population 130,000 people) ,The Li nationality is 173,000 people among them, the Miao nationality is 3,000 people, Hui is 60,000 people.

Various nationalities industry and intelligence, good at singing and dancing, has created culture and arts of long standing and well established. The ethnic minority still protects its characterized culture and custom. Strong local colour, colourful national conditions and customs, the colorful folk art has been attracted large quantities of Chinese and foreign visitors to visit.

It is cast that long history and a number of nationalities lived in concentrated communities the colourful folk culture and arts are pregnant with craft quintessence of the strong native soil conditions and customs, religious culturing. Traditional custom and culture life make people palpitate with excitement. There are mythical legend, folk dance, national music, sculpture, garden, religion, handicraft,etc. in culture and arts of Sanya. Types is various, the form is different, has beautified Sanya, hard-cover Sanya, makes the visitors pleasing, acclaim as the acme of perfection.