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The eastern artistic institute travels Nanjing of China

The eastern artistic institute travels Nanjing of China

Write: Sudarshan [2011-05-23]
Tags: folk art

The eastern artistic institute travels  Nanjing of China


The Qin s of Confucius Temple is the building in Ming and Qing Dynasties of the wall type of head of the horse of small tile of a blue brick to located in Nanjing. Quiet refined courtyard, faint cloister, carve the intersection of wood and doors and windows to spend dose, show end of Ming Dynasty clear the intersection of Nanjing and the intersection of ancient city and the intersection of literary pursuits and breath that culture contain for the first time.
The characteristic of the building: Try the hall in chess peak that eastern artistic institute, have another name called ,The intersection of people and Zhu chess peak of Anhui build for will it be clear the beginning end of Ming Dynasty. Used in this clan sons and younger brothers, come Confucius Temple lift, try, as one intact Ming and Qing Dynasties building.
Folk art exhibition: The exhibit has kite, fragrant bag, door drawing, wax printing, knot, paper-cut, type of facial make up, carving root, pyrograph, strange stone, and the intersection of the South and traditional Chinese Painting, calligraphy, rain of style and features spend artistic masterpieces such as the stone, woodcut,etc..
Shadow show: The shadow show is the Chinese old folk art, have already had a history of more than 1600 years so far, only there are professional troupes in Shaanxi, Heilongjiang, Henan, Nanjing at present, this troupe has already put play of ten full-length figures for shadow-play in order, it is guests that perform at any time, can reach the meal performance in conformity with the request of guest too.
Local delicacies: There are restaurants that can admit 50 guests in the artistic courtyard, can taste Qin the Huaihe River s local delicacies.