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Happy together and high to travel Beijing of China

Happy together and high to travel Beijing of China

Write: Kers [2011-05-23]

Happy together and high to travel  Beijing of China


The convenient many Bus No.s of having No. 120, 22 etc. of traffic arrive directly.


In 1985, built up first panoramic cinema in Beijing ,The north of the way in the middle of Dashilan outside Qianmen of address, namely the original cinema happy together Old site. But the cinema predecessor happy together, it is happy together and high Theatre. It was established in middle period of Qing Dynasty, called tea garden at that time that happy together and high ,Like numerous tea gardens of Beijing at that time, in order to sell tea as the main fact, complement it in order to tell a story, act in an opera, perform the folk art forms.

Changed into a theatre and was commonly called as in last years of Qing Dynasty The play restaurant . happy together The floor space is not big, the scale is slightly smaller than its theatre of Guangde floor in the west, the model is similar, the stage faces south, can hold seven eight hundred audiences too.

But because its mesa and backstage supporter are all relatively narrow and small, the large-scale directory of the not very suitable performance, so theatrical troupe come here performance too little, at ordinary times in order to perform some small-scale folk art forms, the intersection of variety show and program of person who enable as the main fact at that time.

Rename as simply during the period of the Republic of China The cinema happy together ,It is the main fact to turn into the above-mentioned films. On later stage of Qing Dynasty, every tea garden of Beijing was in order to meet the needs of the development and business of the society, successively changed into a theatre, such as the famous wide and garden , neutralization garden , celebrate the paradise Wait a moment.

Only happy together Specific ,Named Happy together and high ,In order to be different from the former, this happy together And then with high The intersection of name and their.