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Yugu ethnic group: hat decoration matters

Yugu ethnic group: hat decoration matters

Write: Shakira [2011-05-26]

Yugur women usually wear a high-collared long gown, generally in green or blue, with embroidered design, and a bright-colored jacket over the long gown. They also wear a hat with decoration of lace and flowery design. Women in splendid attire wear wide-edged flatcaps with red tassel. 

A woman of marriageable age combs her hair into many small pigtails, while she'll arrange her hair into three big ones, with two thrown over the chest and one over the back and the end of each plait is decorated with silver badges, corals, agates, colorful beads and shells, etc., after marriage. Women like to wear colorful earrings, bracelets and fingerings. 

Yugur men wear a long gown with red or blue waistband. They usually wear a flat-topped and round canister-shaped hat or a white terai in summer and autumn; wear a hat made of fox-skin and leather boots in winter.