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Large world of ice and snow of Chengde travels Chengde of China

Large world of ice and snow of Chengde travels Chengde of China

Write: Dell [2011-05-23]
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Large world of ice and snow of Chengde travels  Chengde of China


Industry s group of construction in a systematic way of Chengde invests more than 20 million yuan ones that build in two or two years in the dragon large world of ice and snow of Chengde of Beijing of stone of Beijing. It is that a pole has the characteristic latest travel project in the North, it is the ice and snow in four seasons in the largest room of China that carves the exhibition and skies in the project place at the same time.

Large world of ice and snow of Chengde utilizes the cave cut manually, through refrigerating, keep the low temperature, the whole area is nearly 5000 square meters. Through meter of the intersection of temperature and person who suits, open, keep warm door together and then, it represents front to be to make wonder of ice and snow that people find everything fresh and new and ski in the field.

It is old in ice and snow for world hole to be wide in body, space is strong, with the pure and fresh air in sense, if you can t visit by temperature, control until about 6 , visitors put on the purpose-built winter protection overcoat, it is extremely apt to adapt to visiting the temperature, no matter when visit, will not cause the injury to the human body.

Large world of ice and snow of Chengde utilizes five exhibition areas to manufacture the ice carving, snow carving, it is the appreciation area that incorporates historical allusion, folk art of quintessence of north and south into an organic whole. These works come from the township of the Chinese famous ice carving -Actor s hands of the ice carvings of Harbin and Beijing.

It is all the natural ice-cubes that are taken from to make ice that ice carving uses the spring of Rehe of Summer Villa, these ice-cubes are sparkling and crystal-clear, the fine long hair is pollution-free, bring a kind of natural temperament and interest to somebody, sample carefully, there don t be some characteristics.

After you view and admire the perfect and beautiful ice and snow to carve, it is 120 meters long, 14 meters wide, 7 meters high, awaiting your presence for the largest indoor ski area of China of 8 degrees in drop. In your pedal ski, play an outstanding role in in this pure white white snow, you will experience the fun take exercises as well as participating in this sport on snow in person.

The flying saucer, snowfield bicycle are that the all-ages snow begins amusement project on the snow, if you participate in the sports of skiing for the first time, large world of ice and snow specially engages the national senior coach to serve you. When you place oneself in the midst of this profound and infinite sport on snow, the pressure that you will feel work, live can be relieved, body and mind a great without being got one is joyful,at the same time you are be deep too come to like for the sport.

Chengde the intersection of ice and snow and large the intersection of world and the intersection of price-list and the intersection of project and the intersection of price and content view and admire 20 the intersection of ice carving and snow carving ski 60 yuan per hour snow take the intersection of ski and 30 yuan per hour of bicycle on the ski pole snow at the snow specially Enclose 30 yuan per hour purpose-built rubber snare ticket of 80 yuan for each person ticket and remarks of skiing of 1.

5 hours with the bicycle snow: View and admire, include 2 the intersection of overcoat and the intersection of rental and characteristic brief Chengde on ice and snow large world our city only participate in the intersection of sexual activity and with more content scenic spot at present, and it the intersection of China and at present most large and the whole year open indoor the intersection of ice and snow and place.

Get here you can ski, skate, view and admire the ice carving, snow carving, enjoy the big world fun of ice and snow in winter. Go to the city of ice and snow in traffic for tourism, it is not very convenient to take the bus, can call a taxi and drive and go up a hill before the city gate of ice and snow directly; Can also go under half mountains to brief on the direction to go up a hill according to the sign along the military strong No.

, half mountain paths driving.