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Travel in the national Forest Park of boa mountain Beijing of China

Travel in the national Forest Park of boa mountain Beijing of China

Write: Mansukh [2011-05-23]

Travel in the national Forest Park of boa mountain  Beijing of China

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8:00- -17:00


20 yuan for adult, student, old man are according to 10 yuan of effective certificate, officer s identity cards, retirement cards are free.


Take No. 643 in Andingmen, take the air-conditioned passenger train No. 845 in Beijing West Railway Station, take the local train No. 919 and get off at terminus of Ming Tombs Reservoir at Deshengmen, passing by the dam can arrive. Or Deshengmen take 345 No. Branch, get the intersection of Changping and the east imprison terminus, get off, change to 643 No., 845 No., 919 Luis, in urban and rural areas 6 Luis get to the terminus, passing by the dam can arrive.


The national Forest Park of boa mountain lies in the east of Ming Tombs Reservoir of Changping County, about 40 km from capital, it is the national Forest Park largest in area of Beijing.
It is quarter on the second of spring and autumn on wedding day to travel. Except that there is natural forest vegetation view broad in area in the garden, and unique human cultural sight, briefly The four tops : One tops -The largest stone carving Big Buddhism in the North.
At the intersection of boa and the intersection of foot of the hill and platform that mountain encircle, end located in one the intersection of appearance and charitable Maitreya and Big Buddhism, up to 9.9 meters, it is more than 1500 tons in weight, carved and cut by the granite carving 5~10 tons in weight of 200 yuan, it is the biggest stone Buddha of northern area of China at present. Big Buddhism design by Professor, general term for paulownia, phoenix tree and tung tree of tree, Zhao, famous sculptor of China, 80 stone masons have spent one year completing.
The Zodiac sculpture on 5000 square meters of the first lawns of stone Buddha is more vivid, charmingly naive, a lot of visitors come because of respect for the fame, fall over each other to have a picture taken as a memento. Two tops -The highest paint-coated pawn of Beijing. There is a paint-coated long corridor respectively in foot of the hill and mountaintop of the park, it is the good place where visitors have a rest, enjoy the cool. The mountain bottom long corridor is 90 meters long, located in a hollow stone dam. Long corridor on the mountaintop is 150 meters long, it is the highest paint-coated long corridor of Beijing, it is dimly visible in the cloud and mist to like Wolong. Three tops -The longest mountaineering stone steps of Beijing. That connected two paint-coated long corridors is a mountaineering step laid by 3666 strip stones.
This step is the longest mountaineering step of highest quality of Beijing at present, in fine day, people hold the body building to compete with mountaineering here, represent vigor, pleasant. Four tops -It is modelled after an antique in the bright tower that Beijing is the best. This tower is located in the boa mountain lofty perch 659 meters above sea level, fire prevention and look at building the forest at first, the tower is 37 meters in height, five storeys of appearance of the tower, six storeys in the tower, have already been open to visitor now. Step on the tower and look far into the distance, each beauty spot, boa s mountain Tianchi, Changping satellite town in the world cultural heritage Ming Tombs have a panoramic view of.