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The big camp travel resort travels Beijing of China

The big camp travel resort travels Beijing of China

Write: Bergen [2011-05-23]

The big camp travel resort travels  Beijing of China


No. 938 (Beijing Railway Station the Cao s) The station gets off in the district the big camp of No. 8 gets off on the temple. Lengthen, fit street travel the east Beijing coherent through street 1500 meters reach promptly southwards through the intersection of Xinhua and street, coherent way to the intersection of moustache and every the intersection of village and the intersection of T and crossing Hu by car.


The large camp travel resort lies in the east of long street in capital one hundred, border on Beijing-Hangzhou Canal in the south, near Chaobaihe River in the east, encloses and transports the distributary of tide in the north, the whole area is 1.38 sq. km.. It is by visiting the natural scenery, view and admire the ecology kind and raise, taste the meal of peasant family, it is the characteristic rural new tourist zone that incorporates plucking, going angling, fitness, amusement, meeting affairs, board and lodging into an organic whole that the ones that experience the peasant family are happy. Put out it since 1998 in the holiday village, with its beautiful canal scene, the simple feeling folk custom of township, neat peasant household s courtyard, the beautiful afforestation environment has gained urban citizens favor. Stepping into the holiday village, you can view and admire and buy and afforest various famous and precious flowers that the horticulture centre cultivated meticulously under the leadership of waiter; Can pluck, buy China and introduction foreign green special dish that rely on agricultural Hi-Tech to foster out all the year round in the large canopy of the greenhouse. For instance: The intersection of cream and French gourd, purple to carry day sunflower, the intersection of corm and fennel, Herba Cichorii, the intersection of cherry and turnip and cabbage mustard,etc.. These special dishes, some have antanemic functions, some lower blood pressure functions, others have composition of maintaining the skin, it is the scarce delicious food on the dining table, it is the food therapy good merchantable brand preventing disease, maintaining the skin. In plucking, you can enjoy happiness and fun that can not be experienced in the metropolis. Based on ecology in the holiday village, revitalize the village as the policy in science and education, agriculture, forest, herds, good fortune, fishing, tourist industry overall development, reach three is green, three special The standard, namely the green large environment, green room, pollution-free food; Special dish, special grain, special fruit Ecology, garden style of the village, courtyard garden, villager s life urbanization of realizing agricultural production of holiday village, and is chosen as model village, model village, China and afforests a thousand good villages etc. by the municipal or district, town government many times, appraised as the first batch of folklore tour villages at city level in 2003. Leaders of the country and the Party , Jiang ChunYun waits for successively inspect the loud camp and for high evaluation. The large camp travel resort becomes a bright pearl of side of canal.
One hundred mu of peaches garden of holiday village, the peach blossom is blooming in mid-April, gorgeous, make people completely relaxed and happy, the best place for enjoying flowers, photography, can have a taste of the happiness having a bumper harvest for visitor s plucking in August September. Fishpond of 2 hectares and 5-6 varieties, can make you have a taste of angle the pole and get rid of the place scale and only flash, the comfortable heart is all in it Feeling. Special plant have peacock, guinea fowl, yuans of Baoji, pigeon for meat, coypu, scorpion, locust animal, special the intersection of birds and more than 20, you can visit and buy. Meanwhile, the Chinese courtyard house of the holiday village, refined and peaceful, separate room, suite, restaurant, dancing hall, billiards drawing room, table tennis room, meeting room,etc., have offered the good condition for your inhabitancy, food and beverage, amusing, meeting affairs, especially the meal of peasant family with local characteristic, can make you taste the unique flavor that the large hotels and restaurants do not have.
Auxiliary facilities such as the healthy and blissful gymnasium, internal and external swimming pools and folk custom gardens of room of the holiday village,etc. and residential district were transformed One and a institute The little floor of two storeyed villa can offer brighter and comfortabler environment for your recreation, amusement, visit the feeling folk custom of the township. The large camp travel resort holds and the district tourism administration in July township feeling song bonfire party of the people The activity, there will be activities such as folk yangge performance, Karaoka disc,etc. when the time comes, welcome the presence of friends from all walks of life.