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Travel in Yunfeng Mountain Yantai of China

Travel in Yunfeng Mountain Yantai of China

Write: Lykaios [2011-05-23]

Travel in Yunfeng Mountain  Yantai of China


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Urban area keep straight on 4 southwards along three blue way from Yantai, to walk 3 km to the east, reach promptly, it is the cement way to enter the mountain path, 5.5 meters wide, go to the parking area of Yunfeng Mountain directly


Have another name called Wen FengShan, commonly called as the mountain of the brush support, it is the highest mountain in Laizhou, it is a Chinese Key Cultural Relic Unit under State Protection, lie in the south of Laizhou. The rock of Yunfeng Mountain is jagged, the peak high, valley is deep and remote, Lin Mao, if scenery is drawn.

Spring will come, the green pine is verdant, all sorts of flowers burst into gorgeous bloom; In early summer, it is in bloom to sting the flower of Chinese scholartree, pure white and white; On day of autumn, the wave of soughing of the wind in the pines is welled up, it is red to catch the Chinese sweet gum the frost.

peach in spring , Xia Huai , Chinese sweet gum of autumn It is three hopeless scenes. Numerous in Yunfeng Mountain scenic spots and historical sites, distribute the past dynasties stone from foot of a mountain to mountaintop, feudal provincial, famous calligraphist clear in A.D. 511 in Zheng dish on Northern Wei Dynasty Gwangju home and abroad, leave and inscribe 17 places on this mountain valuably, carve above dangerously steep rubing the precipice in the mountain.

Zheng DaoZhao is praised as The highly skilled man in the North ,Famous the gentle common tablet Zheng, male genital of Ying, 2.8 meters high, 3.6 meters wide, it is the first of the tablet of Wei Dynasty. poem in terms of Confucian classics , poem for children of seeing the sea ,etc.

also run after fame to carve. Its script was born and subordinate to opening models, the calligraphy is careful and precise and simple and honest, vigorous and elegant, always family, calligraphist have praised highly for the metal and stone, it is the precious materials which study China s script developing and calligraphy art.

Famous calligraphist, scholar come one after another, visit and is called on the forest of Steles, and left a large number of treasured scrolls of calligraphy and painting outside China. A scholar has the greatest esteem to the cloud peak stone especially, have it to the Die old man of the octogenarian for Japanese book, to the early childhood pupil, the person who comes this visit tablet is in an endless stream every year.

Cloud peak stone not only Holy Land, circle of book, become, connect the intersection of the four seas and bridge of friendship even more.