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Travel in half way up the mountain site Xi an of China

Travel in half way up the mountain site Xi an of China

Write: Vidya [2011-05-23]

Travel in half way up the mountain site  Xi   an of China

Open hour

9: 00- 17: 00


35 yuan in busy season, 25 yuan in slack period.


Take 15, 406, public transits of No. 913 are here Banpo Museum The station gets off and arrives promptly. (Set out and taken Bus No. 15 by the bell tower, drum-tower. )


The site museum in half way up the mountain, it is the first prehistoric site museum of China, Banpo Museum lies in the north of half way up the mountain village of east bank of the river of front yard of east suburb of Xi an, built up on half way up the mountain site in 1957, opened to the outside world formally in 1958. It is a Chinese Key Cultural Relic Unit under State Protection. Half way up the mountain site is that one in the Yellow River Basin is more intact, the village site of more typical matrilineal commune, it is China s precious cultural heritage. Besides building the exhibition room of historical relic, also build and protect the hall in the primitive village inhabited region of 3000 square meters. The house, cellar, cooking stove hole, men and women in half way up the mountain site divide into collective graveyard, various production and article for daily use,etc. trace relic buried, the people produced the ones that have unfolded and in maternal prosperity period of clan society to us more than 6000 years ago vividly with the life situation first. There is important scientific value on studying history of Chinese primitive society. This hall opened to the outside world formally on April 1, 1958, had already received more than 20 million Chinese and foreign visitors so far.
Half way up the mountain site
The gate with primitive village style is ornamental, whom fish tower in the pool draw the intersection of half way up the mountain and stone carving and the intersection of site and the intersection of hall and Mr., Guo Mo-ruo of front, of girl of water, inscribe Half way up the mountain site The beautiful big character of outstanding talent of four pieces of Qiu strength, all add a kind of temperament and interest for the culture atmosphere in Banpo Museum, make people produce a kind of return nature, return to history, return to the true feelings of art, this image and scene, often make a lot of audiences yearn to forget to return to. Half way up the mountain site is divided into to live, makes pottery, three districts of grave, the inhabited region is a subject of the village. Half way up the mountain people are the Neolithic Age, the tool used is mainly wooden and stone implement. Women are main productivity of half way up the mountain philtrum, make pottery, textile, raise the domestic animal and are undertaken by them, the man is engaged in fishing and hunting more. There are three exhibition rooms now in this hall, the site one hall. Here, you can see the mankind s childhood is simple and honest, can seek to China ahead of grandfather s hard footprint too.
The maternal clan village in half way up the mountain is the organic extension displayed in Banpo Museum. It explores the materials according to the archaeology, moves the precious legacy to on the ground from the underground under the prerequisite of protecting the site actively, reproduce the human maternal clan society stereoscopically. It enriches the intension of the museum, carries forward China s long cultural history, has assembled prehistoric art, custom favor, life in the rural area of the local-style dwelling houses in the Yellow River Basin. It has given play to the advantage of the historical relic, collects the scientific research, archaeology, teaching, travel, amuses in an organic whole, praised as by Chinese and foreign visitors First village of China .
Banpo Museum was confirmed as one of bases of demonstration of 100 pieces of education in patriotism of China in 1996, the government of Xi an evaluated Banpo Museum in 1997 Ten major scenes of the travel of Xi an The first, half way up the mountain site is the Chinese Key Cultural Relic Unit under State Protection that the State Council of China issued.
Banpo Museum
About 4500 square meters of exhibition area are displayed in Banpo Museum, divide displaying, site hall and three parts are displayed of the unearthed relics auxiliarily.
Unearthed relics display made up of first exhibition room and second exhibition room, whom two exhibition room display to explore tool of production and article for daily use that come out in site. Can be divided into stone implements, bone objects and potteries. Mainly exhibit half way up the mountain site and ginger unearthed primitive first tool of production, life apparatus and work of art,etc. which the people have used of site of stockaded village, including the stone axe, stone shovel, stone knife, scraping device, it strike breaking device, arrowhead, mill, spin by black silk ribbon, bone awl, bone knife, bone needle, fishhook, of fish, pottery earthen bowl, pottery basin, pottery bowl, gallipot, pottery rice steamer and, in addition there are sentry post of pottery, number of people, bird s head, beast s head,etc. work of art and some ornaments, show in the delineation symbol of half way up the mountain site 22 kinds of unearthed in the exhibition room too.
A large number of gorgeous potteries seen from half way up the mountain site, indicate the culture of this period is Painted-Pottery Culture. Painting its abundant and vivid in the intersection of works and some, some mysterious to examine while being difficult, some s pattern, paint on basin, earthen bowl, pot, thin neck pot more, the painting works paint on the small mouthpart shoulder more, belly and muzzle, frank mouthpart paint outside exterior wall or the intersection of mouth and predestination more, the big mouthpart is painted in the intine of the device more. See more black colors, there are red colors of small quantity. The painting pattern is simple and unsophisticated, terse, can divide three major kinds: One kind is like the pattern of natural disposition, animal s lines such as the frog substantially as opening one s mouth and doing fish, leisurely deer, search food which eat the form,etc., there are plant lines. These are as closely bound up as life of giving birth to pattern and prehistoric mankind, and the reflection of life of fishing and hunting that the kind of line of animals and plants with vivid shape is agro-farming. Second geometirc pattern, have triangle, the intersection of check and line, weave line,etc., more in earthen bowl, pot, basin, pot top of ancient piece of jade outside the ware the pattern, paint black broadband line outside a lot of earthen bowl device port reason, the ancient painted pottery pattern of the light belly ware of some big mouths is painted on the inboard wall more, the pattern of the little mouthpart is painted on the lip and belly of shoulder, these positions are mostly the place for seeing easily, most pattern is clear, the stroke of a Chinese character is dredged bright, in these geometirc pattern, the triangular line is changed by fish s line pattern, the hiccup line is a mountain or water is comfortable. Painted-Pottery Culture is to face upward in the splendid village and is found in Henan Province Mian pool county for the first time, so the half way up the mountain site is admiring splendid culture of the Neolithic Age.
The site hall is 3000 square meters, it is a part of the primitive village, it is half a cave type that its building construction is early, namely half is underground, regarded hole wall as the wall to emerge half on the ground has been covered onto the roofed, this kind of house is low and moist. By later period of primitive society, just build a wall on the ground, and support the roof with the post, such upright wall and there is sloping roofing, have already formed China s traditional building construction basic mode later, this can be regarded as the amazing act at that time. Can also see a more than 300 meters long, about 5 meters deep, great wide gap about 6 meters wide from the site; This escorts the village, is against encroachment by outside clan, the fortification preventing the wild animal from attacking suddenly. Still can see the public graveyard in the site, the urn pot is put on some graveyard, urn build the intersection of pottery and basin on the pot, pottery bore a aperture in the middle of the basin, the carcass was put in the urn pot after people died, it is convenient for the function of the aperture to let the dead s soul pass in and out. There are cellar and public warehouse which is stored articles,etc. in the site. These cellar cave, pottery kiln, grave,etc. used have represented our ancestor and opened up the prehistoric and civilized difficult footprint vividly and concretely ahead of traces of the people. Assisting and displaying has the third, fourth two exhibition rooms, mainly hold some special topic exhibitions correlated to prehistory. These ones that combined intellectual, interest and artistry together exhibit the extensive praise which has received Chinese and foreign visitors and are welcomed.