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Travel in Yuanmingyuan Beijing of China

Travel in Yuanmingyuan Beijing of China

Write: Jeri [2011-05-23]

Travel in Yuanmingyuan  Beijing of China

Open hour

May August: 7:00- 19:00; April, September, October: 7:00- 18:30; January March, November December: 7:00~17:30


Gate ticket costs 10 yuan, monthly ticket is 15 yuan. The ticket office is set up in the door of garden palace and east gate of the garden of Changchun in beautiful spring. Western the floor site scenic spot Includes the large water law, exhibition hall, maze) ,The ticket costs 15 yuan; Panoramic model exhibition ticket of 15 yuan when Yuanmingyuan is held; Yuanmingyuan exhibition hall visits and explains free. The use fee of the guide machine of the pronunciation, Chinese of 20 yuan, foreign language is 40 yuan, the deposit is 100 yuan


320,628,697,801,Special Line 6, No. 319, 331, 432, 438, 498, 664, 690, 696, 826,etc.; The circuit is 664, Special Line 4, No. 982, 365, 432, 656, 681, 717, 743, 814, 963,etc. by bus to reach the east gate of Changchun garden of Yuanmingyuan. The traffic in the garden: The storage battery car is from green throttle value room to line law bridge, single trip is 5 yuan; Can rent the wheelchair free, the deposit is 500 yuan.


Several characteristics of wonderful scenery of garden of the South at that time that Yuanmingyuan has gathered, the artistic quintessence of melting China and landscaping in ancient times, with the artistic tactics of garden in the garden, melt poetic and pictorial splendor in the changeable scene.
The south of Yuanmingyuan is the imperial court area, it is the place where the emperor deals with the public affair. Other areas are distributed in 40 scenic spots, in that imitate not native s wonderful scenery of the famous garden directly in more than 50 beauty spots, such as ten scenes in the West Lake of Hangzhou, not only imitate the building, even name is imitated over. What is interesting is, also there is a scenic spot of Western-style garden in Yuanmingyuan. The most famous one Watch the water law ,One Western fountain, have the intersection of flower and bursts of maze and Western floor,etc. Wan, have a style of Renaissance of Italy. Have one the intersection of Venice and the intersection of city and model in lake water, emperor sit, can appreciate scene of waterside town on the Wan at the intersection of bank and mountain .
Yuanmingyuan is Treasures Hall, hide rare historical relics such as famous people s calligraphy and painting, ancient books and records of secret office, pot treasure device of the clock, gold and silver jewel,etc. inside, quintessence of centralized ancient civilization. Yuanmingyuan one different the intersection of wood and strange garden that spend too, famous and precious flowers and trees reach several million. Have witnessed completely she call the one of westerners of Yuanmingyuan The gardens of ten thousand gardens . If indeed, are still the same as 140 years ago today, this ultra huge garden is a deserving king of the garden of the world (used after a verb to indicate the completion of an action).