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The Capital Gymnasium travels Beijing of China

The Capital Gymnasium travels Beijing of China

Write: Olive [2011-05-23]

The Capital Gymnasium travels  Beijing of China


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The Capital Gymnasium the intersection of Beijing and of the largest scale, the intersection of function and most many, the intersection of applicable scope and wide gymnasium most one of. Built up in 1968. Located in the east of Baishi Qiao of Haidian District, adjoin the Beijing Zoo in the east, adjoins the national library of Purple Bamboo Park and Beijing in the west.
It was on June 1, 1966 that the Capital Gymnasium started building, made available to the users formally in October of 1968. The whole project relies on the strength of China to be built from design and operation to material, apparatus, more than 15 million yuan for all project fabrication costs. Beijing the Capital Gymnasium designer: Xiong Ming.
Building arrangement is fixed up hierarchically functionally, besides competition hall, there are three training halls and six halls for spectators to rest in, the audience mainly enters the competition hall from the south, the east, three outdoor steps of the west by the two storeyed lounge; It is athletes, the referee, staff member and honored guest house on the first floor. There are broadcast, stereo, television relay, fax, time in the hall apparatuses such as keeping the score, air conditioner,etc..
The competition hall of the gymnasium, can carry on multiple sport activities such as table tennis, badminton, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics, ice hockey, figure skating, the competition area is 88 meters long, 40 meters wide, it is composed of 21 raised floors; Each raised floor is 30 meters long, 3.5 meters wide. Below of the floor is the rink, start the machine, the floor can be withdrawn to the east, west sides, and drop from level to level, enter in the floor storehouse. After withdrawing the floor, it was terrazzo floor that emerged, splashed Sheung Shui on the terrazzo floor, low-temperature ammonia liquid in the terrazzo arranges the tube and refrigerates, can be frozen all the year round, and can make the ice surface keep certain temperature, the even hot one Dog days ,People can still watch the ice hockey match and various skating performances.
Around the competition area is the stand, there are seats of 18,000 audiences, can hold 18000 audiences. There are 18 audiences entrances and exits in the field, the audience can finish evacuating within 5 minutes.
In order to meet large, small different requirements to field between various sports items, the stand of the competition hall, is the activity, the half a one that washes and moves and three kinds that fixed. The first platoon five is the activity stand, while carrying on the ice hockey match, can push it into it, expand the field. , can withdraw half activity stand, whole competition area can lay 24 soldier of international standard at the same time bang the table carry on the match. First half of the rostrum is the activity, in order to meet the need of the large-scale meeting, it can rise automatically, extends and expands by 120 square meters, pushes into behind the rostrum automatically when being it is unnecessary.
There are systems of regulation of the air in the competition hall, the indoor temperature is not lower than 18C in winter, summer is not higher than 28C, while freezing, the temperature can keep moderate too.
In order to meet the needs of international tournament, the Capital Gymnasium was to matching the light, stereo of the hall, timing to keep the score to renovate in 1985. Whom light adopt light the intersection of Dy and light and the intersection of iodine-tungsten lamp and two kinds of mixed light 400 watts of Dy lights, 1000 watts of iodine-tungsten lamps) ,The illumination after issuing has met the requirement of international tournament, the intensity of illumination of average level is 1500 Lux; The apparatus is that the advanced gymnasium of China uses the large screen display device at present that the electron times and keeps the score. Can show various information in the sports match out rapidly through this apparatus. In addition, also can Chinese and English materials, such as slogans, slogan, advertisement, last draft,etc.. Reveal the card can reveal basketball, volleyball, handball, ice hockey,etc. keep the score when a sports match at the same time, also can reveal different contents. All drive the computer control by the electronic computer; Broadcast the stereo after the power was transformed, has more than doubled than before, the actual power reached 1500-2000 watts.