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International beer city travel Qingdao of China

International beer city travel Qingdao of China

Write: Aldwyn [2011-05-23]
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International beer city travel  Qingdao of China


Qingdao International Beer City located in national travel resort of Stone Old Man is known as the largest international beer in Asia to know. Beer city divides the south, function area of the north two major. The south district is the center of amusement, the north district is the complex zone, the item of recreation that reaches beer city now can also carry on the large-scale activity of travelling besides drinking beer, the northern complex zone has already built up a large-scale amusement park Global world, there are a lot of international advanced and popular recreation facilities inside, the most outstanding one is the two-way oscillating roller coaster (hear China can only go bankrupt roller coaster of mo) .
The main entrance lies in the south district, enter the gate, a tall and big significant sculpture -Full of the whole world, the sculpture is stood in the middle of the round pond by a large-scale goblet, the goblet is become pattern of the world map, the froth on beer is overflowing from the cup constantly, have Tsingtao beer s trade mark, the implied meaning is very deep. Have being half monthly by shape cliff behind it is at pond,at there is be \ The intersection of international beer city and \ Five big characters. After the night comes, it is incomparably beautiful that color lamp, fountain, water column contrast finely with. Turn over the city and mark sculptures, take the form of the fan square of people of beautiful Wan launching.
All previous international Beer Festival opening ceremonies were holding here before 1998, had already become the permanent festival celebration playground now. On wide lawn on the square, there are open-air stages and thousands of seats, become the permanent festival celebration playground. All inlay and build from road to every district on the square with the brocatel, extremely rich characteristic. Southern side on the square is beer palace district, the model of two heavy constructions is very peculiar. In the chief restaurant, beer producer still has the production line of miniature beer specially, when visitors are tasting the raw pure beer that the production line is being brewed, can also view and admire beer and produce the whole course. In the east of the square is downtown streets of beer, come from the flavor name all over China and eat and assemble with the famous-brand beer herein, radiant splendour appears, need visitors to favor most. Plan to build the giant hotel of of beer in the northeast corner. North wide to plant name, spend strange tree visit a park, intersperse among them so as to the sculpture. , for beer reading extensively area, gather beer famous brands from all parts of the world, annual the Wan s beer fair is held here promptly in the west.