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Mount Wuyi

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Wuyi Mountain is known for its crystal water and Danxia landscape. Danxia landscape is the name of the kind of landform common in southern China of weathered hills of sedimentary sandstone or conglomerate rock. The hills are usually red, and the word (丹霞) means reddish cloud. These hills weather in interesting ways making ravines and small caves.

In Wuyi Mountain, tourists can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, but feel the profound culture. It was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1999 as a place important to protect for cultural reasons and for the nature. The total area listed on the World Nature Heritage Site List is 999.75 square kilometers, making it the largest world natural heritage in China.

Wuyi Mountain is rich in unique peaks, abundant waters such as lakes, streams. Furthermore, as the key region of World Biological Diversity Conservation, it is home to many rare and endangered species.

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Wuyishan Scenic Areas The Wuyishan State Key Area of Scenic Spots and Historical Sites is located in the south of Wuyishan City, with an area of 70 sq km. With typical red landforms, it is well-known for its "bluish-green waters and red mountains". Hence the ...Read More
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The World Expo in Shanghai will stage a Fujian Week from June 28 to July 2. Events will include a variety show featuring Mount Wuyi, the tulou or earth-walled buildings, and other major Fujian tourist attractions. Singing and dancing performances, puppet shows ...Read More

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by Violenta 2011-05-20
6 highways will be built in Jiangxi Province this year, including 2 in Ganzhou: one from Ruijin to Xunwu and the other from Ailing to Ruijin. The other 4 highways are respectively from Dexing to Nanchang, from Yongxiu to Wuning, from Nanchang to Fengxin and from Shangrao to Mount. Wuyi. (Intern Reporter Liu Rongsong)
by Miremba 2011-05-23
Introduce Wuyi Huanggang Mountain Huanggang mountain, be lasted intersection,Wuyi mountain in nature reserve, lie between north latitude 54 of 33-27 degrees of 27 degrees, between 117 degrees 27-117 degrees of 51 of east longitude. The highest peak has an elevation of 2158 meters, it is a southeast peak of continent, it is Gao Shanfeng the most of the whole ...
by Welch 2011-05-23
Ticket 40 yuan Traffic The hired car will go, seat one of 7 people one is about 200 yuans Introduce The mountain Green Dragon cataract in Wuyi lies in the upper reaches on mountain nine small streams in Wuyi, the exceedingly high river gorge in the national nature reserve of mountain of Wuyi, have the intersection of Green Dragon and the intersection of ...