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Travel in Fayuan Temple Beijing of China

Travel in Fayuan Temple Beijing of China

Write: Laxmi [2011-05-23]

Travel in Fayuan Temple  Beijing of China


5 yuan.


10,102,105,Bus No. 109 or subway No. four


The street behind Xuanwu District Fayuan Temple of Fayuan Temple, the east of the south of god son s hutong outside Xuanwumen, cover an area of about 6700 square meters. It is stopped by the extant name with the longest history in Beijing city. Fayuan Temple was established in Tang the beginning, originally known as pitying the loyal temple, would change Chongfu Temple tomorrow; Fit haphazard \ of the history When if you can t change the name, obey by temple, orthodox two year bright (1437 year) of day The temple monk dissolves renovation, renamed Chongfu Temple, the 12th year of Yongzheng in Qing Dynasty (1734) Start to use the name of today.

Fayuan Temple rebuilt 1955, it was the site of historical relic hall of books of Chinese Buddha institute and China Buddhism now. After new China is established, the country has appropriated repair two times, and set up the library of historical relic of Chinese Buddha institute and China Buddhism herein, determine as the Key Cultural Relic Unit under State Protection of Beijing.

Buddha of 11 countries and regions in Asia taught and discussed holding here in 1963, Buddhist monk Jianzhen s statue was come back home to exhibit here by Japan in 1980. This temple is the best place for Buddhist in Beijing area activity now. It is Key Cultural Relic Unit under State Protection and Chinese key Buddhism temple at city level now.

This temple faces south in the courtyard of three passages altogether. Enter have the intersection of king and hall, enshrine and worship the intersection of sack and Buddhist monk and casted in bronze four major the intersection of king and statue inside. Two enter have Mahavira Temple, enshrine and worship the intersection of Sakyamuni and Buddha and gentle different, general virtuous two Bodhisattva, bright the beginning statue.

Qianlong s emperor s hand writing is hung to rob on the roof beam of tall building The real source of sea of France Horizontal inscribed board. The third enters pavilion of Goddess of Mercy Also called pitying the loyal platform) ,Display past dynasties stone engraving, behind the pavilion for adjoin hall Lu, enshrine and worship copper to make the intersection of Five-Party and statue of Buddha Ming Dynasty, layer Buddha among them, the Buddha each to all sides, for adjoin Buddha Lu upper strata.

It is a great sorrow jar after again, the text of Tang and five generations of persons, one edition of texts of Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties is displayed. Four enter for the intersection of Tibetan Scripture and hall, display the Eastern Han Dynasty, Wu, Northern Wei Dynasty, the intersection of the north and neat and the intersection of Sui and Tang dynasties and the intersection of stone carving and statue, among them it is most precious to enjoy the statue for three years with the Tang sense, and Buddha s alunite picture of wood carving of Ming Dynasty, long 10 meters, it is biggest sleeping Buddha of Beijing.

Go through the fire, earthquake and chaos caused by war to destroy in Fayuan Temple, but rebuild many times but the temple location has not changed. Flowers and trees various in the temple, renowned for Chinese flowering crabapple for the first time, famous for cloves in today, the whole the intersection of temple and lots and lots of cloves grow into forest so far, the flower is in bloom in season, fragrance spread several li, it is the hopeless scene in the capital.

Position: Lie in the south of god son s hutong outside Beijing Xuanwumen.