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Chinese Nationality Park travels Beijing of China

Chinese Nationality Park travels Beijing of China

Write: Ashton [2011-05-23]

Chinese Nationality Park travels  Beijing of China

Open hour

The north garden is opened in the whole year, the south garden is opened in April November of every year; Two gardens of open hour: 8:30- 18:00.


The ticket costs 60 yuan, through ticket is 90 yuan


North station of soil city of Subway Line No. 10; 380,386,406,407,Special Line 2 gets off at stop of Chinese Nationality Park


Beijing Chinese Nationality Park, collects the traditional building of the Chinese ethnic minority, national conditions and customs, the floor show, craftwork and as an organic whole large-scale national culture field of national table delicacies. The whole garden takes up an area of 45 hectares, divide the garden of north and south two, the north garden has already been built up and opened, takes up an area of 20 hectares.

There are 16 national stockaded villages in the north garden, including Tibetan, the Miao nationality, Yi, Dong, Taiwan Gaoshan, the Koreans, Bouyei, Hani, Qiang, Dai, Jingpo, Daur, Ewenki, Oroqen, Hezhe,etc. scenic spot. There are caves with stalactites and stalagmites in uncle s casting iron sculpture and artificial tropical banyan forest, water the most of China in the garden, soil forest, coiled dragon waterfall, the source rock painting of the deep blue, supernatural wood of Alishan,etc.

. The south garden is under construction, mainly have large-scale facilities such as national museum and sculpture square,etc., and the stockaded village of over 20 nationalities. All buildings adopt the proportion of 1 to 1, reproduce the culture remains of each nationality truly. Visitors can also appreciate and participate in the song and dance, festival celebration, production, custom of various nationalities while visiting the national stockaded village.