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The great sorrow hall travels Xiamen of China

The great sorrow hall travels Xiamen of China

Write: Adie [2011-05-23]

The great sorrow hall travels  Xiamen of China


Great sorrow hall build on stone building above the base, fly to the eaves for 8 3, all build up with shelf pile of sets of brackets on top of the columns, look up in the sunk panel, unique and esthetic, rare for the similar building of China. Offering sacrifice to statue of Goddess of Mercy with different posture in the hall.

The depositary of Buddhist texts is hiding a large number of Buddhism ancient books and records, celebrity s calligraphy and painting and craft treasure, such as bright edition of Tripitaka , servant Song Ying moraine sand Tibetan Scripture>>, say Buddha A Amitabha Buddha through , letter written in one s own blood excellent method lotus China through , 28 Burmese jade Buddha, bronze statue of Buddha of the Tang Dynasty, copper tower of Ming Dynasty, on Ming Dynasty Goddess of Mercy construct by sweet dew picture, modern famous calligraphist, elementary treasured scroll of people Piao Zhao, president of Chinese Buddhist Association.