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Green abundant hot spring tour Xiamen of China

Green abundant hot spring tour Xiamen of China

Write: Lief [2011-05-23]

Green abundant hot spring tour  Xiamen of China

Open hour

12 at ordinary times: 30- LingChen is at 12 o clock, ZhouMoJieJiaRi 10:30 LingChen 12: 30,It doesn t restrict time to bath in hot spring, offer the tea free.


Grow up 189 yuan Includes the fee of hot spring) ,The intersection of children and 60 (1 under children free, 1.0- 1.3 the intersection of children and the intersection of price and 60, 1.3 more than the intersection of adult and price of 189 yuan)


Green abundant the intersection of SPA and the intersection of hot spring and garden cover an area of 20,000 square meters, lie and by the the intersection of Ann and the intersection of spit of fland and the intersection of stream and the intersection of storehouse and scenic spot. Hot spring garden introduce the intersection of person who maintain and concept, hot spring of Germany, related soup pool running water system of hot spring, aim at making the real running water hot spring. It belongs to the first in China at present to maintain ground concept and running water system in the hot spring.
In the garden, the intersection of mountain region and view that become day naturally, and vegetation dug to carve view integral manually. Constellation spring, the intersection of the five elements and the intersection of soup and pool make health have scientific even more; The private and dense village of hot spring of the south of Fujian Province, the calligraphy and painting that is hung on the wall of eave stuck up from the eaves from fly to, reflect the strong the south of Fujian Province conditions and customs all without exception.
The auxiliary equipment before and after the green abundant SPA garden of hot spring still falls through: The slabstone warm bath district formed by 6 wooden wayside pavilions and 50 groups of slabstones does the best destination where the physiology resumes after falling through. Lie on the slabstone easily, one whiff of warm currents trickles and passes from the body, you can choose the massage of Chinese medicine, also can sleep quietly to feel.