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The museum of Laiyang travels Yantai of China

The museum of Laiyang travels Yantai of China

Write: Mina [2011-05-23]

The museum of Laiyang travels  Yantai of China


The museum of Laiyang was located in the large midsection of temple street of city center of Laiyang, built the hall in 1992, there are 53 houses now, covered an area of 1070 square meters, was confirmed as the provincial Key Cultural Relic Unit under State Protection by the people s government of Shandong in 1992. Laiyang is a remarkable place producing outstanding people, history is long, as far back as the period of Western Zhou Dynasty, here had already had culture in pace with Central Plains. Meanwhile, in the developing history of several thousand years, there is fine patriotism tradition in Laiyang, the well-known national hero Zuo Maodi, emerges A generation of poem one The intersection of honest and upright official and Wan, the intersection of thing and the intersection of mountain and the intersection of left and old JiCheng Song, head of society, resist, donate against tax the intersection of person and large quantities of heroic figures such as being gentle Qu, leader of uprising, of dignitary Song. The museum of Laiyang is mainly formed by Song Wan memorial museum, revolutionary history relic exhibition room, three major parts of past dynasties celebrity s exhibition room, among them rely mainly on Song Wan memorial museum again. Song Wan memorial museum, enter for two Chinese courtyard house is one-layer to put up the hard mountain brick timber structure of the posture. Wan Song, uncle, jade of word, the intersection of number and the intersection of litch and skirt, end of Ming Dynasty clear the beginning the intersection of China and with strongest influence power poet. He is honest and upright for officer in all one s life, care about the hardships of the people, has written An YaTang collects 16 rolls spread in later age .
Its former residence is the site of present museum of Laiyang. In the hall except that display the materials, work collected works and authentic work for Song Wan s statue, draws a portrait, one s life, and the various circles of society are several hundred its calligraphy and painting inscribed, works of the donation. The intersection of father and Song of Wan Song answer henry, doctorate in latter stage of Ming Dynasty. Clear people attack Laiyang enter the GATT, Song answer henry disperse wealth of house organize town to defend, and then the city breaks unyieldingly and is killed. Son that Wan Song answer henry as Song, have noble feeling just promptly early years, continue settle, Mei Song the intersection of group and the intersection of mountain and the intersection of left and old society altogether with Song, great names in history of Laiyang, once, the poetic prose is responded with a pome, the song, in order to chant the will. With Song Wan The poem one Identity,last end of Ming Dynasty to be clear active at political circles the two generations of peopleses of literary world the beginning Wan Song. Great names in history in the museum exhibition room display Zuo Maodi, ZiZhong, RuiHui, Chu Pengling, the intersection of person and document, the intersection of grandson and the intersection of black Buddha,etc. and 16 the intersection of Laiyang and the intersection of historical personage and deed Qu Zhang Cui. A personage has a touching story behind one s back, a story reflects a phase of immortal history. The revolutionary history relic exhibition room has exhibited and gone from the Neolithic Age to the history relics of each periods of war of liberation. Laiyang Tang and kindness support the front bamboo pole among them The original paper is hidden in Military Museum of China) now , the intersection of East China and the intersection of field army and six column formation praise Laiyang little motorcade Support the front and gain merit Historical relics such as silk banner, silk banner of the camp of red mountain of Laiyang,etc. enjoy high reputation in China, it is a national-level precious historical relic.