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Overseas Chinese s museum travels Xiamen of China

Overseas Chinese s museum travels Xiamen of China

Write: Asztrik [2011-05-23]

Overseas Chinese   s museum travels  Xiamen of China

Open hour

9:30- 16:30




1,2,15,18,21,Bus No. 45 gets to the first two stations of Xiamen University The museum stands) Get off, the first station is egret s large station (the large words that started of tall building do not have this station, go to the museum to stand directly at the second stop) .


The overseas Chinese is praised as museum Unique overseas Chinese s History Museum in the world ,Lie in Xiamen of Fujian Province and think in the west of bright South Road, stands erect at the foot of a mountain of bee s nest, it is a building with national characters, floor area is more than 3,000 square meters, there are more than 7,000 exhibits. This hall is in charge of establishing by famous overseas Chinese s leader Mr. Chen Jiageng, and is contributed money by countryman residing abroad and returned overseas Chinese and prepared to establish, started building in 1956, opened formally in May of 1959. Divided into production and development of the overseas Chinese , miserable experience of overseas Chinese before liberation , overseas Chinese s friendship with people of country of residence , overseas Chinese s contribution to the motherland , the past and present of overseas Chinese s society , retrospect of overseas Chinese s policy Wait for six parts. Historical relic, handicraft and sample materials that a lot of overseas Chinese, returned overseas Chinese gave are being displayed, reflect Chen Jiageng Mr. advocate scientific cultural knowledge and give play to guidelines of social benefit their actively.
The whole museum is divided into three and exhibited the hall, exhibition area is 2400 square meters, exhibit more than 1200 various pictures, materials, nearly 2000 precious historical relics are near, more than 1000 various rare birds, beast, aquatic products sample.
The picturesque seashore city Xiamen is located in southeast China coastal area of China, the overseas Chinese came in and went out in the main port of the country in history. Overseas Chinese s museum is located in the peak of five olds in the urban area, adjoin Xiamen University and south Putuo temple.
Overseas Chinese s museum is famous overseas Chinese s leader Mr. Chen Jiageng the advocacy did in 1956, completed the open one in 1959, it was the first mechanism of cultural relics museum built of raising funds by overseas Chinese of China, it is the only comprehensive museum that shows overseas Chinese s history in an all-round way, systematically of China up until now. The house is a layers of eaves type palace building rich in the strong China s national style, the floor body is built by pure white granite, the eave paves the decorations with the jade green glazed tiles, the sets of brackets on top of the columns are exquisite, fly in the eaves high up in the air, antiquly, grandly. The whole institute covers an area of 12000 square meters, with a construction area of 10110 square meters; In storage the intersection of historical relic and nearly 7000, past dynasties bronze ware, pottery, ancient coin, ancient calligraphy and painting, ancient to carve handicrafts, foreign ceramic glass ware, and a batch of precious ones live abroad history historical relic and birds, beasts, fish, mineral sample,etc., among them there are many national first class historical relics. the overseas Chinese that introduce 2005, whether Chen Jiageng collect the intersection of historical relic and exhibition , exhibit long-termly to the outside by the intersection of natural hall and 3 pieces of basic display.