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Guo Mo-ruo travels in the former residence Beijing of China

Guo Mo-ruo travels in the former residence Beijing of China

Write: Bardolph [2011-05-23]

Guo Mo-ruo travels in the former residence  Beijing of China

Open hour

9:00-16:30,Close the hall on Monday


20 yuan, 10 yuan for student, old person for 60 years old s half price, soldier s half price


Take 111, 107, trolleys of No. 118, or Bus No.s 13, 701, 850, 810 go to the north city gate station of North Sea to get off and arrive promptly.


It is the street No. 18 that Guo Mo-ruo is located in former sea memorial museum, opened to the outside world formally in June of 1988. The memorial museum is the courtyard type building of Chinese courtyard house, it was once the stable of the respectful palace when late Qing, the Republic of China builds as a Chinese and Western house in the early years.

Mr. Guo Mo-ruo has spent him for last 15 years in all one s life here. The former residence is the large-scale Chinese courtyard house, there are mounds that of trees interspersed in the gate, 5 north rooms in the inner gate are its operating rooms and reception rooms, the east side room is the bedroom, the things wing-room is 3 respectively.

The cloister encircles all around, there is the open institute later on of closed corridor, in addition the east step the institute. Guo Mo-ruo former residence is right looks and a garden of the ring in Qing Dynasty originally, and then not copied with the residence, abolish in then the garden. With forage field and stable that become Prince Gong s Mansion while managing.

In the period of the Republic of China, its offspring sells palace and garden to complement the benevolence university, sell the herbal medicine shop of the Yue s of halls of Damien s benevolence here to do the residence garden. After new China is established, here was once the site of Embassy in China of People s Republic of Mongolia.

There are screen walls facing the gate of a house of a brick opposite to the road outside the gate of former residence, one is stretched to one and sat in front of the festoon door facing the south of the north straight small in the gate. This former residence is inscribed the door horizontal inscribed board of gold word by Deng Yinchao, keep the appearance of gentlemen during generation so far, four exhibition rooms have introduced Mr.

Guo Mo-ruo in the poem briefly with historical picture and precious historical relic separately, the drama, the theory of literature, the immortal achievement in every ambit that research and ancient society of the ancient writing are studied,etc., have shown his outstanding contribution in the international peace takes exercises, a revolutionary intellectual s remarkable representative s unusual life that have reappeared.

So the garden of the quiet and beautiful one, the spacious and bright Chinese courtyard house, towering ancient cypress, the clear and melodious chirping of birds, the strong one is fragrant naturally, making the cicada makes an uproar the forest is the quieter, the mountain of chirping of birds is deep and more remote in conformity with the ancient Verse.

The deep courtyard twists are deep and remote to go back, intersperse the pumpkin shelf among them, silver China fir tree, the lily, tree peony, the lotus, all planted personally by Guo old married couple, for this reason a section of mother tree has spread Touching story. Manuscript, book, rubbing, calligraphy and painting, letter, article for daily use,etc.

all kinds of historical relics that Guo always collects before death are exhibited here.