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Lao She travels in the former residence Beijing of China

Lao She travels in the former residence Beijing of China

Write: Zarand [2011-05-23]

Lao She travels in the former residence  Beijing of China

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103,104,108,111,It is westwards all right that station of the the west end of lantern fair of 803 routes gets off at the crossroad; Subway Line No. 5 the intersection of lantern fair and the intersection of port and station get off along the intersection of lantern fair and the intersection of port and the intersection of street and competent about 800 westwards. Drive by oneself: Wangfujing Street is changed westwards over to the west street of mouth of lantern fair or south street of river bank and changed over to the west street of mouth of lantern fair eastwards.


A Lao She (1899~1966 years) ,Modern writer, dramatist of China. Originally known as Shu QingChun, the word is given up and given. Beijingers, Manchu. Come from in poor citizen s family, lose the father in childhood, is raised and grows up by mother. Spend difficult a childhood in compound occupied by many households and boyhood, this make him know very well urban life of poor people and immerse in traditional art in the compound occupied by many households since childhood. Began to study in the old-style private school in 1906, and then changed over to the new-type school. Admitted to Beijing normal school in 1913, classical poesy of the hobby, and practised writing poem and prose with the writing in classical Chinese. Graduate with excellent achievement 1918, let Beijing 17 headmaster successively, capital of a country study north suburb, office of affair, encourage learning student advised, duties such as the persons who make country s culture and education of middle school of the south in Tianjin,etc.. Receive the May Fourth Movement Influence of the movement. Begin to shake off the fetters of the feudal, common customs, begin to use the writing of the writings in the vernacular at the same time. Went to Britain in 1924, took the post as London University s eastern institute s Chinese lecturer. Have read a large amount of literary works here, and stimulated his strong literature interest, begin literary creation. In 1926~1929, successively published three novels on novel monthly magazine : <>, Zhao Zi says and two horses , the local colour rich in Beijing of these works, good at portraying citizen s life and psychology, demonstrate that satirizes humorous artistic talent, therefore bring reader s attention at once. In 1926, joined the research association of literature. Came back home in 1930, had stayed for half a year via Singapore. After coming back home, successively took the post as Jinan Shandong university, Qingdao Shandong University Professor, and offered literature outline , European literature ideological trend , foreign literature history ,etc. course. Extracurriliar, create the novel successively, there is cat s city writes written in the form of fable, its thought is more complicated, but focus on revealing the corruption of old China, point out and guard ignorant national character and lackey s psychology; There is divorces which describes a group of civil servant s mediocre and unambitious life; There are ones that describe citizen s life scene the ox is bestowed by heaven and spread . Having created the outstanding medium-length novel crescent moon at the same time, there are collections of short stories to go to market , collect in the sea of the cherry , the algae of clam is collected , and the collected works collected works of Lao She s humorous poem of poem. The most important achievement is his masterpiece, appearance of novel camel s auspicious son in this period, have produced very great influence in the history of modern literature. After Anti-Japanese War breaks out, from Jinan to Wuhan, presides over the work against enemy s association of the Chinese Chinese world of literature and art, engaged in the literature sports of the war of resistance. In June of 1939, participated in China to send gifts to federation North Road group conveying greetings, condoled the army and the people of war of resistance. In order to adapt to the situation of the war of resistance, utilize the old form, write that there are popular artistic works which propagate the war of resistance such as many northern popular epical work, old playing with, folk song,etc.. Unless this pieces of period, be lasted dramaed fogs incomplete , the questionsed of one s reputation ,etc., cremate novel, collection of short stories whether collect the train , whether collect anaemia . Among 1944~1947 years, the suffering of the people of different levels and family with 4 generations living together under one roof of novel of fight after creating and describing Bei Ping occupiedly. Went to U.S.A. to give lectures and create in 1946. Should recall to new China in 1949, duties such as successive Vice President, Vice President of Chinese Writers Association, president of Federation of Literary and Art Circles of Beijing of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles,etc.. The new life has radiated his new creation enthusiasm, he has written out a large number of accusation old societies, works which extol the new society. It last five -act drama 1950 dragon on the side pearl must ditch . dragon must ditch creation last he to last what Beijing Municipal Government award People s artist Title of honour. In 1953, participating in and attending the dynasty condoles the volunteers, and it is famous in the unnamed hill to write as the reportage. Successively visited countries such as Soviet Union, India, Japan,etc.. There are a large number of new works to come out in this period. There is be spring flowers and fall fruits , the youth shock brigade , whether look at the west Chang An , the saleswoman ,etc.. The most successful works are reflecting that got to the modern drama tea house of the social life changes of nearly half a century of the victory of war of resistance in the latter stage of Qing Dynasty on later stage, there are immature autobiography body novels under the straight red flag , this novel has written out the multicoloured social style and features when the big clear kingdom will become extinct soon, especially as division and decline of society of the bannerman of the special pillar that was ruled in Qing Dynasty. In 1966, he was in the Cultural Revolution Initial stage is persecuted and cause death. He is that modern China has unique style, outstanding novelist and dramatist, have contributed to a plump and intact citizen s world and unique and vivid citizen image system of Modern Chinese Literature, meanwhile, made important contribution for the development that promoted China s modern novel to be created. People s Literature Publishing House is publishing Lao She s collected works successively now.
Lao She that Mr. live in 50 years old before place say, have over one hundred place little, deserve to be called one s own family, count, must come out often.
After the July 7 Incident of 1937, move in Mr. Lao She east Qianxi, drift from place to place. After the war of resistance wins, has lived in U.S.A. for 4 years alone, in 1949, Lao She got back to homeland Beijing from U.S.A., wife and children get back to the reunion of Beijing from Chongqing too, the government arranges him in Beijing Hotel temporarily. Having opened a room, eat there, writing. Mr. Lao She runs into Premier Zhou, could ask the individual offer money for a cellule in once, other he can stand, only noisy and not all right, can t write out the things. Premier Zhou s answer without thinking is certainly all right.
Lao She be lain in former residence cellule Beijing sumptuous hutong in Dongcheng District,the 10th such as number, at city center nearly, the traffic is convenient, from business street and famous Dong An Shopping Mall of Wangfujing, the show of Longfu Temple is near, in municipal two, breed the middle school of Great Britain just nearby, children can go to school nearby. To it has a few to be quite spot in a noisy neighborhood house this, because at traffic main artery, wine the intersection of office and street can move cart now, it is not the main fact one, vehicles and pedestrians are not many; In addition, the cellule has enclosure, there are trees in the courtyard. The big city is so noisy as to all separate outside the ear. The bird on honeybee and tree that only take usually can break its quietness happily. It turn on gate on north and south at one piece to close alley in,hutong is by one of names of princess of Ming Dynasty, sumptuous Name. The intersection of cellule and the intersection of way and the west in hutong, stock hutong first door kind to let. After the gentleman passed away, the small sumptuous hutong was renamed as the abundant hutong, the number was changed into the 19th.
Having entered the gate, there are screen walls of a brick, there are two small south rooms, it was the fellow workers guarding the gate that live in, it is a pomegranate tree, going to a winter resort in the place of the oleander too in winter. After Mr. Lao She moves in. Having planted a jujube tree in the gate by the street wall, behind the brick screen wall, Mr. Lao She asks for help and transplants a Beijing mockorange, this is the famous flower that the Palace Museum Imperial Garden has. But not enervated, prosperous all the same at common people s home, the one in great numbers of leaf is luxuriant. A big basin of Chinese flowering crabapples of silver star are put under the small south room eaves, it is that more than one is high too, often carry a safflower round and round, Mr. Lao She sends guests while going out, often point to it and say: This is my treasure of family!
Behind the brick screen wall is a small other institute, establish one s own system, have three cellules with gray top, one is the toilet, two is the stock room, three is two middle rooms. The principal rooms faces south. Live by the boy, act as Lao She at the same time in Zhi gentleman s office in daytime of ancestor s private secretary s south benevolence, also act as nonlocal guests temporary guest room at the same time. Outside piece located in institute just in on at institute positions of room south, in there gather as is institute. There are doors of street one to lead to the west street of mouth of lantern fair today in the other institute, but never use.
In institute modify after still very much like sample,have during rooms five north, things room is three rooms respectively, all get up in the tile-roofed house of the spine, the middle is a small up right and foursquare courtyard, there is an inner gate to entering the gate winds the Beijing mockorange The open institute inwards, there is a wooden screen wall to stride forward the inner gate, it is green to paint. There are corridors open eastwards of crosses, the north, the west room. Outside the south way is the land, can grow flowers and plant trees. Mr. Lao She sees this point very much, he likes the flowers and plants in all one s life, but have few opportunities to practise, have the vacant lot, can test, want with the letter totally, go, foster, go to beautify, create.
The first thing asks someone to go to Western Hills to transplant two persimmons tree, one on one side both sides of the corridor. Thumb is thick while planting, in less than ten years, the trunk diameter has already left to exceed the sea bowl. Autumn set up the outstanding achievement fully, very grand. Persimmon variety is very special, it is fire persimmon in Henan Province ,Stature is not big, half of the fists, the cover is thin, very sweet, nuclear-free, tangerine. Old painter on whether come on for persimmons to paint from life. Do one traditional Chinese Painting of Chinese realistic painting, become one of his masterpieces. Collected by China National Museum of Arts. Because of this persimmon, the lady is named in small courtyard of red persimmon for the low courtyard with coming ,Call one s own studio One pair of persimmons room . After Mr. Lao She passed away, the Japanese writer strove on water the gentleman wrote continuously three were mourned for the article, take these two persimmons as a name, the sign of this little courtyard of the persimmon friendship completely.
It is the sitting room that there are two north room three middle rooms, it is the lady s studio and concurrently bedroom to lean against one room of the east, the east side room is the bathroom, contain flush toilet and bathing-tub. There is a small boiler room outside the wall of the east side room, install a small radiator inside, for use in the whole institute s heating of winter. The west side room is Mr. Lao She s study and concurrently bedroom. Mr. Lao She had lived in this room for 16 years, spent his old age, created 24 drama dramas and two novels, it among them guide it is sensational it is dragon must ditch the the willow well whether look at the west Chang An the tea house the saleswoman , photograph of the whole family is under the straight red flag . the dragon must make him win in the ditch People s artist Title of honour, tea house become Beijing People s Art Theatre repertory. Have represented the Chinese modern drama goes abroad for the first time, it is inferior to enjoy great prestige in America and Europe.
There are different things that are really worth carrying in the bedroom, first, Mr. Lao She designs a big built-in cupboard, ask workers to hit in the wall, there are six or seven cubic meters totally. It is the place where he preserves calligraphy and painting and little old fogey. The second is Mr. Lao She s bed, that is an old bed of a padauk, big and sink, inlay marble still at bed help, bed steamer tray belong to coir rope. The intersection of waist and disease of him make him unable, sleep soft bed, competent to choose the hard bed by old wooden furniture specially. The big wooden bed is here with other mahogany furniture The Culture Revolution When search and confiscate for confiscating,but historical relic department determine whether historical relic values higher, has not dealt with very luckily at will, the Culture Revolution And then and the former state is returned, has become classical furniture that Mr. Lao She that only keeps has used.
The furnishings intend to fix up according to Mr. Lao She strictly, has displayed his temperament and interest everywhere in the sitting room, hobby and personality. Furniture respect, except a two-seater, two armchairs and a small round tea table are modern, the rest are all the old furniture of padauk, among them the full-length mirror is the lady s dowry, the other one is chosen successively after moving and entering the new home, there are bookcases, antique dose, long narrow table, big round table, the chair,etc., Mr. Lao She loves the furniture very much. It is one s own required course of every day to polish them. There are few furnishings on the tabletop, it is essential but there are different things, first, the vase, second, fruit platter.
Except spends in the sitting room more, draw manily. Always Chinese paintings about ten pieces are hung on the wall, with Qi Baishi, Fu embraces the stone, Huang Binhong, forest picture that wind sleep, as main fact, have teacher Chen concurrently once, ChangShuo Wu, Li Keran, at pavilion, Shen Zhou, face uncle s dragon, Hu PeiHeng s change. The picture is hung specially in turn on west walls of sitting room, like a small fine arts gallery, go to Mr. Lao She s home to act as a guest, watch picture into the essential content. It is one generally acknowledged great fun.
In autumn, Mr. Lao She will invite the friend to come to home to admire the beauty of chrysanthemum again and again. Lao She s family is with highly eastern cultural color but flamboyant. It is really lovely, it is a family that has flavor very much.
The political sudden change in the situation of 1966, in the morning of August 24, it is being covered in bruises that Mr. Lao She is bringing, cherish grief and indignation feelings to leave this home. He seriously says good-bye to the little 3 -year-old granddaughter: Say again to the grandfather See ! ,Then step out the door without hesitation, leave away forever, drown oneself in Pinghu very much. In this way his lovely and interesting family destroyed immediately.
The paid family members of Lao She donated Lao She former residence to the country in July of 1997. Donating the handover ceremony to hold in Beijing Municipal Government, city leaders such as the secretary of Municipal Committee of the CPC Jia Qinglin,etc. attend, Dan Jixiang, chief of Beijing Municipal Cultural Heritage Bureau, it is attended with children that Mrs. Lao She moustache is blue and green.
Beijing Municipal Cultural Heritage Bureau left the shelf to repair to the former residence in 1998.
May 18, 1998 Lao She prepares to establish the place in the former residence Began to set up, held the first Lao She memorial museum and prepared to establish the meeting on June 4, 1998. Enter tense work of preparation for establishment subsequently.
General Office of the CPC Central Committee, Chinese General Office of the State Council made comments and instructions on October 24, 1998 Agree to reconstruct Lao She former residence into Lao She memorial museum .
On February 1, 1999, Lao She was open to society formally in Lao She memorial museum shortly before the 100th anniversary of the birth.
At present, Lao She former residence has already been confirmed as Key Cultural Relic Unit under State Protection of Beijing . Set up the marble sign, should keep in generation for a long time, is forbidden to dismantle and change.