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Travel of the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall Beijing of China

Travel of the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall Beijing of China

Write: Rosalind [2011-05-23]

Travel of the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall  Beijing of China

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The Chairman Mao Memorial Hall is in Beijing The south on the square. Started building in November of 1976, built up in August of 1977. Inlaying directly over the museum gate The Chairman Mao Memorial Hall The platinum word horizontal inscribed board of Chinese, on the tall and big base built of the bordeaux granite, 44 sticks of granite corridor column stand erect, hold up the roof of layers of eaves of golden coloured glaze high high.

The Chairman Mao Memorial Hall is a square grand mansion with China s national style. The museum is made up by the north halls, looking at the drawing room with reverence, south halls. The north hall is the place that holds and is mourned for the activity before looking at Chairman Mao s remains of the deceased with reverence, in the middle of the hall is more than three meters of high seated statues of Mao Zedong who uses the white marble sculpture, a huge woolen needlepoint tapestry which describes the earth of motherland mountains and rivers is hung on the wall of back of seated statue.

Look at the key hall that the drawing room is the museum with reverence, are inlaying the glittering big character on the white marble wall of front: great leader and tutor Chairman Mao Zedong are immortal ! The crystal sarcophagus is laid in the central bright-coloured flowering shrubs of the hall, is covering with China on Mao Zedong s remain Party flag.

On the white marble wall in the south hall, the gold word original handwriting of Man Jiang is red to engrave Mao Zedong s wording and comrade Guo Mo-ruo, it is the lounge in the east side and the west side. In December of 1983, also set up Mao Zedong, Chou En-lai, Liu Shaoqi, Zhu De to commemorate the room in the museum.